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Welcome to the Chocolate Auntie Podcast

This podcast will explore pop culture, literature,  film, and  current events through the lens of the African American aunt.  Dr. Shewanda Riley, is a writer, educator and public speaker, but most importantly, she is an African American aunt. She will share the “Auntastic” wisdom she’s earned in the 3 decades she’s been an auntie. She will also dialogue with other aunties,  authors, creatives, familiar and emerging perspectives on the complexities of the 21st century African American life.  

We’ll talk about our lives as aunts  and seeing the world through auntie-colored glasses.  This 8 episode podcast series will focus on engaging conversations with a little sprinkling of  controversy.  


The African American auntie encourages, inspires, corrects, and informs all with the soft hand of love.  This love comes from what we have, what we have lost and what we hope to gain.   

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